Frequently Asked Questions:
What does your name, BASE, refer to?
Like the physical foundation on which your house is built, the construction drawings are the basis from which your project takes shape.

If I hire you, do I need an architect?
No. Although architects have years of formal training in design of structures of all types, in most cases their skills are not needed for the residential market. I work with clients to translate their vision into a design; then work with a structural engineer to ensure that the design is buildable and will satisfy the building department.

Why do I even need plans for my project?
1) The Bid Process - By having a full set of plans of your project on hand, you can get several bids from any contractor that wants to work on your project. The more bids you receive, the better you can evaluate the cost of the project.

2) Evaluating if the Project is within your Budget -
Sometimes ideas can be larger than our wallet. Plans are very inexpensive compared to the cost of any project. The cost of a full set of construction documents are about 2% to 5% of your cost to build your project. By spending one or two thousand dollars on plans, you could save a few hundred thousand on a project that was too expensive to begin with.

3) Visualizing Your Dream - Seeing your project on paper is the best way to know what it will look like. You can make changes, write notes, come up with ideas for decorating, paint colors, landscaping design, etc.

4) To Satisfy the Building Department - This is the most important phase. Without plans, you can't submit to the Building Department for a building permit. Without approval, you could have a lien put on your property when you go to sell. This could be a problem that can only be solved with a full set of plans. Even with plans, the in progress inspections needed for your project, were never done. Your project could become null and void. 

5) Avoiding Headaches - When you fail to plan, you plan to fail. Having all your ideas in a complete set of plans with make you project less stressful. And we all need to reduce the stress in our lifes.

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"Nice plans."
~ Mike Langeford, Plan checker, Auburn, CA

"Tom is an artistic genius. The plans passed the building department inspection very quickly."
~ Scott Murray, 
General Building Contractor, Auburn, CA

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